Collaborators & Partners

An innovative feature of our Centre is the development of collaborative projects with each of our PIs, under the framework of an international network of public and private partners. This international network will leverage ARC investments in Europe and North America, and capture world class multidisciplinary expertise not currently available in Australia.

Partner Investigators visit the Centre's nodes in Australia; attend Centre Scientific Meetings; provide mentoring opportunities for early career researchers and students; and collaborate with CI's on publications, development of new initiatives and preparation of grant applications.

Strategic co-investment of some ARC funds enhances our capabilities and provides access to overseas funding bodies for research, training and commercialisation collaborations. Success of this strategy was demonstrated in the early years of the ARC Centre with its PI's being successful in obtaining additional funding from the Swedish Science Foundation and KTH University, the German government’s GABI scheme and the BBSRC in the UK.


The capabilities of each node of the ARC Centre and links to our International Partners are described in these pages.